Some Other Beginning’s End

If you follow my online footprint (aka my old blog), you probably noticed that I’ve been on a long hiatus when it comes to blogging. What happened? Well, life happened.

As a fan of so many TV shows, I like it when an episode starts with, “Previously, on…”  It helps me catch up on the things that I missed or reminds me of the important parts that happened. Not that I owe anyone an explanation on why I went missing, but part of my obsessive-compulsive self wants to explain why I moved to a new space, why I have a new blog, and the list goes on. But I won’t let you go through the boring parts, or even make you snore in the middle of this blog post. I guess I’ll just have to make a shortcut and get on straight to the point.

It’s been more than a decade since I made a decision to share a slice of my life in the internet. I got through puberty and school years by writing friends-only and private Blurty and LiveJournal posts. When I had my first romantic relationship years ago, I managed to share a snippet of it in my blog. Heck, I even have a deep dark secret journal lying around in the internet (ah yes, I’m coming clean now). I can say that the internet has been my home for so many years. I like to write. I write a lot. And the internet gave me a blank notepad to write on from one blog to another.

Cliche as it sounds but I agree to Semisonic’s lyric, “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” A new blog space is a new beginning. It can also be an end to a previous beginning. I’ve been on Tumblr since 2009 and I knew it was a sign for me to move on when I found out that I can no longer log in and retrieve my password (Ha! Silly old me.). But on a serious note, I took it as a signal that its time to create something new.

So, here you go. Welcome to! 🙂 I’ve been really dreaming of having a domain of my own. Another item crossed on my bucket list. Its time to create new things. ❤


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Vanya R.

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2 thoughts on “Some Other Beginning’s End”

  1. Really love how you articulated your thoughts! I feel the same way about the internet and it’s always bittersweet leaving something – especially if you weren’t planning on leaving it. Hope all is well now from your hiatus! ❤

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