Travel Skincare Tips (Boracay Edition)


For my last post about my recent Boracay trip, I’ll be sharing with you my travel skincare. Previously, I shared with you my travel makeup kit. Of course, I need to share with you my skincare tips while I was on travel! 🙂

In the past, I have this habit of bringing too many skincare products while I was on travel.  It can be a hassle when you bring too many beauty products, especially if you have limited bag allowance. But recently, I learned the art of packing light and bringing only the essential skincare products. I’m no skincare expert myself, but here are some tips that I can share with you when it comes to travel skincare especially if you’re going on a beach trip.

Use those product samples! I do have a lot of beauty product samples in my stash. I get them every time I buy products from K-beauty stores or when I attend beauty events. I used to give them to my friends before but I realized these samples are perfect when you’re on travel! Instead of bringing tubes and bottles of facial wash, moisturizer, eye cream, or serum, these sachet samples are good to go. You can finally give these samples a try if they’re perfect for you. I wasn’t able to use them all when I was on travel in Boracay, but so far I like the facial cleanser samples from: COSRX, Innisfree, and The Face Shop. The serum and eye cream from Shiseido is surprisingly good too.


Depot your favorite skincare product! It is completely understandable when you have a favorite skincare product that you want to bring when you’re on travel. Another tip that I can share is that instead of bringing the actual skincare product, you can put them on small containers. This way, it will be hassle-free and travel-friendly! You can depot your toners in a small bottle spray (this will also save you from bringing so many cotton pads) and moisturizers can be placed in a small squeeze bottle. I got both of these small and handy containers from Landmark in Makati. The toner that I used was the Hawaiian Fresh Clear Toner from Nature Republic. On the other hand, the moisturizer that I have was the Skin Lotion from SANA Nameraka.


When on the beach, sunscreen is your best friend! Don’t forget to protect your face and body with sunscreen. Since I’m such an OC person, I brought several sun protection products with me. When I was preparing for our beach trip, I was surprised to find out that sun protection products are quite pricey. My only requirement for sun protection products is that it should have an SPF 50 and PA+++ (which is a perfect protection guide when you’re on the beach and outdoors). Good thing Watsons offer affordable sunscreen body lotion (the tube that I got was only Php 299). Quick FX also has a handy sun block sachet that can be used for face and body protection (a sachet costs around Php 99). As a quick re-application, this Aloe Cool Sunblock from Bench Organics is perfect for outdoors. Lastly, a small tube of Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening Lotion is perfect for everyday sun protection and its very moisturizing too.


My last travel skincare tip that I can share with you is don’t forget to pamper yourself! Traveling is an escape from your busy life in the city, which means you also need to pamper your skin. I forgot to take a photo but I also brought face masks which I put on at night so that I can give my face an extra TLC that it truly deserves. ❤


I got tanned from my beach trip but I love the glow and how relaxed my skin was. ❤ Feel free to share as well you travel skincare tips in the comment section. Until next travel adventure! xoxo.

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