San Francisco, California (September 2017)


I know its been more than a month since I posted in here and I swear I have a good reason on why I was M.I.A. in this blog. 😛 Last month, I was on the other side of the planet! Hello, SFO! 🇺🇸✈️

I was in San Francisco for a week and a half for work and good thing I was able to squeeze in some tourist-y activities while I was there. It was my first time to go on an inter-continental travel and boy, the long haul flight was super tiring! 😓 Nonetheless, I instantly fell in love with SF because of its vintage and warm, sunny vibe. 🌞




What I love about SF is that its easy to go places. You can take long walks, ride the BART, or book an Uber in order for you to head on to your destination. The people are very friendly too, they’ll even give you a recommendation on the best food and places to visit.





Of course, when in SF, you have to personally see the Golden Gate Bridge! No wonder its a famous tourist attraction because of its magnificent structure. I love how its color contrasts the blue and sunny skies of SF. 🌉



To sum up, here’s a quick video compilation that I made from the snippets that I had during my trip in SF. I’d definitely want to go back there, and hopefully visit other states in the US. Until then! 🇺🇸❤️



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