Good bye, Twenty-Something


There are so many reasons why I love the month of November. Its the month of transitioning holidays: from end of Halloween to start of Christmas countdown. If you’ve been to Tokyo or somewhere with four seasons, November is the perfect time to see the autumn leaves. And personally, I love November because its my birth month. 💖

This year, I turned 30 and to be honest I am really excited about being 30. Let’s be real, I know some women freak out when they turn 30. And I totally get it. I blame society for all the pressure and stereotype. Sometimes, I blame rom-coms and cheesy TV shows for the pseudo-horror that they create for 30-something women like me. 😛


Anyway, I’m not here to write about what lies ahead of my 30s. I decided to write this post to bid good bye to my 20s life.


Back track to 10 years ago (that was 2007), I remember I celebrated my 20th birthday with my college friends. They gave me a birthday cake and I remember blowing the candle at McDonald’s in UST.

My 20th birthday cake. Taken using my Holga camera. I remember how much I was into lomography and film photography back then! (PS. Instagram wasn’t around that time)

I can’t remember what I wished for my 20th birthday back then. All I can recall was at that time my goal was to finish college so that I can land a decent job. Reaching 20s means saying good bye to my teenage years. Somehow at that time I was freaking out because I know I was about to enter adulthood. Back then I feel that I was about to enter a dark tunnel full of uncertainty.

A year after, I turned 21. I graduated from college and it took me 2 months to land a job. I remember I made a goal to to get a temporary HR job and after 1-2 years I was planning sign up for grad school to study Clinical Psychology. In June of 2009, I got my first job and I felt like I was a fresh meat in an office setting.

When I was 21 years old. ROFL.

I had my first relationship when I started working. After a couple of months in a relationship, I got my heart broken. I remember how I cried so bad because of a break up. Funny that its all a laughing memory now. It really is true that the first heart break stings so bad, but after a while you’ll get over it and move on.

I also had memorable highs during my 20s: I got promoted in my job, I decided to Make That Change, I Celebrate Life by giving back, and I began my travel adventures. I can really say now that my 20s was the time I discovered who I really am, what I wanted to do with my life, and I truly learned how to value relationships.

My first out-of-country trip with my siblings. Taken 2012 at the Universal Studios Singapore.
When I took LEAP in 2013. I was 25 years old and full of insecurities. Hahaha!

After all those drama and victory in my early 20s, another highlight came in my late 20s when I met my current boyfriend. I was 27 years old when I entered another relationship. That time, it felt so right even if I still have some uncertainties. I took the risk and I’m glad I made that decision. We’ve been together for 3 years now and I’m so blessed to be with someone who I enjoy spending time with.


All in all, I enjoyed my 20s. I cried, I laughed, I overcame challenges, and I accomplished a lot of things. I feel that without those things that happened in the past, I wouldn’t be so optimistic in the new chapter of my life. So, hello 30s! I am ready for you. Let’s make new adventures and misadventures.


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3 thoughts on “Good bye, Twenty-Something”

  1. Agreed. Rom-coms do help in putting pressure to women, when in reality, why should we? We should be able to do what we want, when we feel that the timing is right not because we feel pressured because we’re not getting any younger. Happy Birthday by the way. Wishing you more blessing and happiness in life. 🙂


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