Netflix and Chill: Stranger Things 2


Its been 3 weeks since I’ve finished the Season Two of Stranger Things and I still can’t get over it! I’ll be short and sweet on this post and I’ll share with you my thoughts on the show. ☺️

In case you haven’t seen the first season yet, here’s a fun rap by Millie Bobby Brown aka Eleven from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

If you’ve been around and reading my blog, you know how much I love anything 80s so this TV series was an instant favorite of mine. Plus the fact that the cast are so amazing and the show features a lot of geek and sci-fi stuff. Anyhoo, here are some notes of what I like and what I do not like from the current season. And oh, I’ll try my best not to spoil anything for you guys!



What I like about Stranger Things 2:

  • Its a continuation of a hanging finale from Season 1. Will Byers is back and there’s a continuous plot from where he was kidnapped from the Upside Down. I liked that he had a lot of air time this season and that there was a glimpse of what he experienced when he vanished last season.
  • New back story and plot, especially on Eleven’s past. I don’t know with you guys, but I liked Episode 7 of this season. Totally bitchin’ 😎👩‍🎤 👨‍🎤
  • I totally ship Eleven and Hop! Glad that the creators thought of pairing them up as buddies/father-daughter.
  • AND YAAAAS, STEVE! Like what I’ve said in my FB post, I like douche guys who redeem themselves after the first season (case in point: Don Keefer from The Newsroom). There were lots of articles about him on Buzzfeed and it was so fun to read. He’s definitely a darling this season. 😍
  • Lastly, new characters and new soundtrack! I love Bob (aka Sean Astin) and its so fun seeing him interact and contribute to the geekiness of the kids in the show. While watching the show, I totally forgot that Sean used to play Samwise Gamgee from LOTR. 😝




What I don’t like about Stranger Things 2:

  • This is very minor but I feel a bit dragged on the first 3 episodes of this season. But as the episode progresses, the plot thickens. There are still tons of plot twists that are yet to be revealed and it sucks that after 9 episodes we all have to wait another year for the next season. 😱 😨


Overall, I love this season of the show! While we wait for the next season, here’s a Spotify playlist for you to binge. Until then! 😊


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