Face Mask Review: Deoproce


I’m a huge fan of face masks so I’ve decided to start a beauty post series on reviewing them. So, welcome to Face Mask Reviews! 😍 I’ll try to post every month *crosses fingers* on face masks that I put on my vain face. Ha! 😜

For my first post on Face Mask Reviews, I’ll be talking about Deoproce. Here we go! 😊

From my research on the ever-reliable internet, Deoproce is a Korean beauty brand. Aside from face masks, they have other beauty products which was featured on my favorite local beauty blog, The Project Vanity.

I was able to try out 3 face masks variant from Deoproce and below are my thoughts on them:

Deoproce Lap Therapy Horse Oil Whitening & Nutrition Mask Pack


  • Price: PhP 110
  • What it Claims: This a 2-step face mask. Step 1 is a serum while Step 2 is the mask itself. The serum contains niacinamide which gives whitening effect and rich nutrition of horse oil. On the other hand, the mask contains mulberry root extract which brings moisture supply and soothing effect.

For a price of PhP 110 (or USD 2+), I love that it contains serum to prep my face on wearing the mask. If you’re familiar on the 10-step Korean skin care, serums are usually applied first prior wearing face mask.

The face mask has a very thick formulation and its very consistent. I noticed that it was heavy moisturizing on my face, so this face mask is good especially when you have dry skin or when you’re in dire need of moisture on your face. However, what I don’t like about this face mask is that the formulation takes time to be absorbed by my skin. Nonetheless, my face looks clear and fresh the next day. This face mask is perfect for a monthly pamper especially when you’re skin badly needs some love. 😉

Deoproce Color Synergy Effect Sheet Mask – Bright Anti-Oxidant Soothing Aloe & Green Tea


  • Price: PhP 65
  • What it Claims: This face mask claims to revitalize and refresh skin. It claims that it’s suitable for sensitive and rough skin.

I’m impartial to face masks with aloe and green tea variants because I know that it will definitely help lessen the bumps and dark spots on my skin. This face mask is a bit heavy in terms of its formula consistency. Although, this feels refreshing on my face the moment I put it on. The next day, I noticed that my face was smooth and relaxed. It was also easy for me to apply make up after using this face mask.

Deoproce Color Synergy Effect Sheet Mask – Vitality Elasticity Balance Rose & Pomegranate


  • Price: PhP 65
  • What it Claims: This face mask claims to energize and give a fresh feeling to your skin. It claims that it’s suitable for tired skin.

I can’t remember how I decided to pick this up in the store, but most likely it’s because it promises skin vitality. 😛 You’ve probably read my previous post on the Innisfree Jeju pomegranate skin care variant. Pomegranate is perfect to combat aging skin while rose is perfect for hydration and moisturizing. My skin feels definitely refreshed the next day and this face mask did put a glow on my face.


And that’s it for my take on this K-beauty brand! Deoproce has a promising line up of face masks. The Step 1 serum and Step 2 face mask variant is perfect when you’re on travel because of its handiness. Their face masks is perfect when your skin needs an extra-moisturizing effect. The price is very affordable too. You can easily get their face masks at your favorite Watsons and SM Beauty department stores.

Have you tried Deoproce face masks? Let me know in the comments below! xoxo 😘


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4 thoughts on “Face Mask Review: Deoproce”

    1. Hello Yana! Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes you can totally try face masks. Deoproce is pretty much affordable so you can splurge a bit using your school allowance 😉 I suggest that you use face mask once or twice a week to pamper your skin 🙂 hope this helps! xoxo


  1. Thank you miss Vanya R. your post abt Face Mask is a big help to me coz’ so many Facial Mask in the market very cufusing what to pick..Thank you po and more power👍🤗😘


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