February Holiday Celebration in Hong Kong!


Happy Hearts’ Day! ❤️ Kung Hei Fat Choi! 🤗 I know this post is super late but I’m excited to share our recent travel adventure. It’s our first out of country travel as a couple! We went to Hong Kong to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year! 🇭🇰✈️


Last November I was able to book a flight to HK via Cathay Pacific. I was looking for cheaper flights via the internet and surprisingly, Cathay offered a great airfare deal going to HK compared to other budget airlines. I was super amazed that I immediately booked a flight. 😁 Cathay was our airline way back 5 years ago when my family and I went to Tokyo for the first time. 😊


I’ve been to Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) when we had a lay over flight to Tokyo before and I’m so amazed that they have a huge airport facility. HKIA is a lay over hub on almost all flights around the world so I’m not surprised that they have awesome facilities. I don’t know about you, but my favorite part when traveling is going around airports (except the long immigration lines, ha!) 🤗

Transportation and going to different places in HK is super easy. I was able to get an Octopus card via Klook and you can use the card when you ride their trains and buses. You can even use it to pay for goods in convenience stores and some shops! Another #ProTip that I can share with you is that I recommend that you rent for a pocket-wifi instead of turning on your mobile data. I booked KKDay which is waaaay cheaper than mobile roaming.

I always use Booking.com for accommodations and hotel reservations. I’ve been using Booking since my trip to Thailand/Singapore with friends in 2015. Looking for hotels is also one of my favorite things when preparing for travel. And I instantly fell in love with Hop Inn Hostel in Mody Road, East Tsim Sha Tsui. I wasn’t able to take a photo but you can check in their website how artsy-fartsy their hostel is! 😍

Anyway, enough about me geeking out on travel preparations (LOL!) Let me show you the things that we did in our 4 days / 3 nights stay in HK! 🤗

Ngong Ping Village


On our first day in HK we went on a field trip to Ngong Ping Village. We took a train going to Tung Chung station and from there we rode on a bus. There’s also an option to ride the cable car but its quite expensive and we wanted a chill ride going to our destination. 😜


Ngong Ping Village is definitely a tourist attraction and there are lots of food and souvenir shops. If you’re traveling on a budget, this place is definitely an instant itinerary since there’s no entrance fee and you only pay for transportation. 🚌

Tian Tian Buddha


Our next stop was the Big Buddha or Tian Tian Buddha. This place is situated right next to Ngong Ping Village. It showcases a big buddha statue on top of a hill.



If you’re in for a climb, my #ProTip for you is that you need to wear comfy shoes so that your feet won’t hurt after 100+ steps of climbing up. 😰 😱 I was wearing boots with heels and at the end of the day my feet hurt sooo bad. 😭 Nonetheless, it was definitely worth it because the view from the top was breathtaking. 😍


Food trip!

Of course, food was our #1 priority while on travel! I was craving for dimsum and milk tea while we were in HK and I’m so glad that my craving was satisfied! 🤤😝






Lastly, shopping in HK was super fun! My boyfriend was able to buy a pair of sneaks for a great deal along the sneaker street in Mong Kok. As for me, I enjoyed going to Sasa and other beauty stores in HK. I was sooo happy that they have Innisfree and The Saem too! 💜


4 Days / 3 Nights in HK was super short but I’m pretty sure we’ll definitely go back to do more fun and touristy stuff next time. For now, here’s a short clip of our travel in HK. Until next time! xoxo 😘🇭🇰


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