#FOTD: Get Ready With Me in HK! – UltraViolet Make Up Look


I thought of making something special for my first #FOTD this 2018. I’ve decided to do this in a Get Ready With Me format and while on travel! 😍✈️

I was inspired with this year’s Pantone Color of the Year so my make up look is all purple/violet. 😍💜 Violet has been my favorite color since I was a kid and currently I’m obsessed again with this color. So happy that this is the color of the year! 💜💜💜


Products Used

Since I was on travel, I was only a able to bring a handful of make up products. One tip that I can share with you is that when you pack for your make up kit, make sure that the products are color complimented. This way, it will be easy for you to create your make up look. 😍

Here are the products that I used for this look:


As a treat, I’m sharing with you folks how I did my ultraviolet look. For the first time ever, here’s a video that I edited and uploaded on my YouTube channel. 😊

The Innisfree cushion and mineral pact are among the new items that I brought with me on my travel. The cushion is a shade a bit lighter on me, good thing I have a contour palette to warm up my face. Although, what I like about this cushion is that it really is long lasting and perfect for a breezy and cold weather in HK. On the other hand, the mineral pact absorbs excess oil and I love that its translucent and can be used to blot and powder the T-zone of my face.

Another new make up item that I brought was the Shiseido Benefique mascara. I’m surprised that its almost the same as my previous and recent mascara, Heroine Make Long and Curl. It definitely lengthens my mascara and it doesn’t clump at all. ☺️

Overall, I’m super happy with the outcome of my make up look. Violet is a trendy make up these days and I look forward for you to try it as well. Until next time! xoxo 💋


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