July 2018 Favorites

July 2018 Favorites

HelloVanya.com officially turned 1-year old last June 29!  🎉 I know, I know this is a late celebration post but I promise that I’ll share a surprise to all my readers before this month ends. Stay tuned! 🤗

In the meantime, I’m sharing with you my current favorites! Here we go!

Favorite Online Read: Madame Clairevoyant’s Weekly Horoscopes via The Cut

Image from: The Cut

I rarely read horoscopes. I only get the chance to read these things whenever I pick up a magazine or a newspaper. But lately I’ve been looking forward to read Madame Clairevoyant’s weekly horoscopes because it definitely speaks to my current disposition and feelings. As what they always say, horoscopes are just a guide and it’s all up to us to create our destiny. I’m a Scorpio girl and most of the time the horoscope of the week hits right on the spot. 😛

Favorite Curated Playlist: Take Me Back to 2006

200242061_69c4d206c8_z (1)
My old desktop from 2006. HA!

I was able to unearth my last.fm account and I suddenly miss the songs that I listen from college. I thank the internet gods for Spotify. Voila! I curated my playlist from 2006. Feel free to add or follow this playlist if you enjoy indie, female, and emo music. Haha!



Favorite Sporting Event: World Cup Russia 2018

Every four years from June to July my siblings and I are so preoccupied watching the World Cup. I personally love this season’s football event because of the  stunning game of each teams who got through the group stage, round of 16, quarter, semi, up to the final round. I enjoyed watching Iceland’s debut to the World Cup, Ronaldo’s hat trick equalizer to Spain, Japan’s surprising win to Colombia, Belgium and Croatia’s glorious journey to the last stage, and the list goes on. I super love how the underdogs went past the big teams in football and reached the final match. Football is such a passionate sporting event to watch. ⚽️

Favorite Movie: Set It Up and Ant Man and The Wasp

Its been a while since I’ve watched a romantic comedy movie that I’ve completely enjoyed. Set It Up is such a timely movie for yuppies who are so absorbed with work and so fed up with horrible bosses (LOL I can so relate hahaha kidding 😛). If you’re subscribed to Netflix I definitely recommend this light hearted and funny movie. 😍🤗

On the other hand, I super enjoyed watching Ant Man and The Wasp in the cinemas. Okay, I’m partly biased to this movie because Paul Rudd is the lead and the movie is set in San Francisco. 😉 But I love how family-friendly it was and at the same time the humor comes across all ages. It’s a great movie to watch right after the cliffhanger from The Avengers: Infinity War.


Aaaaand that’s it for now! I promise that I’ll post more soon in here. The rainy monsoon in Manila makes me feel lazy and sleepy all the time. LOL. Until then! xoxo 😘

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