Snooping Beauty: Meet Calacatia


I love snooping into other folk’s makeup bag or makeup kit. Whenever I’m in a powder room and fixing my makeup, I’d discreetly look into other person’s makeup bag to see what products they use or how do they apply their makeup, etc. Not because I’m a stalker or anything (lol!) but I am generally interested with beauty stuff and I also like to engage with other people on anything related to beauty. 🤗

That being said, a few months ago a brilliant idea popped into my head to come up with a blog post series on asking people what’s in their makeup bag, and also ask them some beauty questions. For my first post on Snooping Beauty, let me introduce to you my online friend, Calacatia!

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I met Calacatia from r/beautytalkph and I started following her blog and Instagram in 2017. She writes awesome and very informative skincare reviews especially Korean brands and local brands in the Philippines. And oh, she likes cuddly cats too! 😻

So sit back and I hope you enjoy this post! xoxo 😘


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What’s inside your makeup kit? 

When did you start your interest in makeup and skincare? Do you recall your first purchase and what made you became interested with it?

I first became invested in skincare when I developed acne after my teens. I think I started with Human Heart Nature products, mostly. Or anything I could find in drugstores.

I’m not a daily makeup wearer, but you can always find me with brows and cat eyes done when I need to be in front of other people. My mom always harps on me wearing lipstick because that’s her thing, even when she’s just at home.

What are your top 5 ride or die beauty products?

Skincare – definitely the Skin Watchers Green Snail Intensive Cream or the Hydrating Gel. For the longest time I had trouble with finding a good moisturizer that would not be too heavy for my oily face, but still provide enough hydration for my dehydrated cheeks. I also needed to watch out for silicones (which is in most moisturizers). The Muji Mild Cleansing Oil is a staple in my night routine, although the Skin Watchers Natural Deep Cleansing Oil is also a favorite. The Human Nature Hydrating Creamy Wash is very affordable and does a good job.

Makeup – the Etude House Drawing Eyebrow and the Maybelline Hyper Sharp Power Black. Only two makeup products I use everyday without fail.

What is the best beauty advice that you’ve learned and now you preach to everyone?

Oily does not necessarily equal hydrated. I’ve spent years trying to suck up oil from my face when I needed to put more water in. Hydrating properly (through drinking water and topical products) helped my issues immensely.

Lastly, any advice that you can give to folks who’s starting their interest with makeup and skincare?

It’s a process of finding the right products that work for you. I know it’s tempting but don’t give in to the hype around most products because what works for a lot of people might not work for you. Do your research, the internet has lots of pockets of local communities revolving around makeup and skincare.

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