Face Mask Review: Korean Beauty Brands – SNP, Yadah, Jayjun Cosmetic, and Innisfree!


My first (and last) post of Face Mask Reviews was in 2017! 😲 If you’ve been following this blog, you should know by now that I’m a sucker for face masks. 😜 So, for this post I’ll be sharing the face masks that I’ve used last month during our vacation trip to Puerto Galera. 😍

SNP Animal Otter Aqua Mask


Price: PhP 149 in BeautyMNL (you can also purchase this in Watsons and SM Beauty stores)

What it Claims: A nutrition-rich mask for super hydrated skin. Delivers superior moisture with a rich blend of baobab extract and hyaluronic acid; soothes and calms with lotus extract; provides an extra layer of moisture to protect from UV rays, airborne chemicals, and pollution; leaves skin healthier and more supple.

I’ve used this for several times now and this is actually my favorite mask from SNP. True to its claim, it delivers the right moisture that your skin needs and it doesn’t leave an oily and sticky feeling after. I have a combination skin type andI have an oily t-zone. Using this face mask provides the moisture and supple texture that I love on my skin. I highly recommend this on combination skin type gals like me. 😉

Yadah Collagen Mask Pack


Price: PhP 99 in Landmark Department Stores (you can also purchase this in Beauty Bar and Glamour Box online store)

What it Claims: Made with 100% organic cotton and packed with collagen that helps improve the skin’s elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and increase moisture. Infused with snail secretion to deeply hydrate, soften, and smoothen the skin. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

I love anything collagen in skincare products so this is an instant hit for me. Same as with the SNP Aqua Mask, this face mask provides the right moisture on my face plus it has an anti-aging benefit because of collagen. If you’d like to add a boost and enhance your youthful glow, I definitely recommend this. 🤗

Jayjun Cosmetic Baby Pure Shining Mask


Price: PhP 110 in BeautyMNL (you can also purchase this in Landmark Department Stores)

What it Claims: A complete skincare mask that restores a youthful look to your complexion. This 3-step treatment is all you need to prep, nourish, and brighten your look. Includes: Blooming Essence (Step 1): Provides proper nourishment to prime the upper layer of the skin. Intensive Shining Mask (Step 2): Brightens, hydrates, and protects; improves skin radiance with vitamin B3 to minimize hyperpigmentation; increases hydration levels and water retention capabilities with glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Hydro Eye Cream (Step 3): Diminishes the look of dark shadows, decongests puffiness, and firms skin around the eyes.

I love skincare products that gives you an extra TLC. 🥰 I bought this out of curiosity when I was in the department store. Usually face masks in the Philippines costs around PhP 50 to PhP 100. Price point wise this is definitely a bang for a buck because not only it has a face mask but it also has an essence and eye cream which completes your skincare routine. 😍 I was surprised with this product’s performance and I noticed that my skin was super soft and supple the next day. I definitely recommend this! 👍🏽

Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask in Ginseng


Price: around PhP ~70 in Innisfree stores (this was gifted to me)

What it Claims: Enriched with precious nutrients, it prevents the formation of wrinkles and helps to improve the signs of aging.

So I did my internet research and it says that ginseng in skincare products has an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefit. I like Innisfree face masks because they’re affordable and they use natural products that will greatly benefit your skin. I recommend this face mask especially if you want to give your skin the tender loving care that it truly deserves. 😊


And that’s it for my face mask review! Hope you enjoy this post. 😍 Feel free to recommend face masks that you currently enjoy or love in the comments below! Until next time xoxo 😘

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