So this is the New Year

I love new years. It’s like opening a shiny new notebook with blank pages awaiting to be written. You can also compare it to starting a chapter in a new book that you’ve been longing to begin. New years are like rest buttons that you need to start anew. At the same time, it also means reflecting on the past year in order to start your year right.

This year is meaningful to me especially that we’re entering a new decade. Entering the year 2020 is like formally saying goodbye to my 20 year old self. As I write this post, I thought of how my 2019 ended. The past year felt like unloading my young and carefree self. Last night when the clock struck at 12 midnight, I slowly begin to embrace maturity and responsibility. I know it’s a bit of a cliche but for me, the new year symbolized a start of a new chapter.

Whatever this year and the succeeding years may bring, my wish is for my family and friends in good health. I look forward to blessings and grace that life brings each day. As always, I look forward to new adventures. May the new year bring us all the hope that we’re longing for. I hope you enjoy your new year. 💙

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Vanya R.

I love everything that amuses me and I hate anything that annoys me.

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