January to April 2020 Product Empties


Time for product empties again and hopefully, at this point you already know the drill. πŸ˜›πŸ€— I noticed for this period I was able to consume some health and supplement products so I’ve decided to include it here as well. Enjoy! πŸ˜„

Side Note: As usual, I will no longer review the products that I’ve repeatedly used. You can see the reviews in my previous posts.Β πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

Cosmetics / Makeup


  • Ysabelle Bronzing Powder – I bought this in BeautyMNL and I was looking for a cheap substitute for a bronzer. This one is perfect for makeup beginners who are exploring themselves on bronzers. The pigment is okay, not much of a “wow” factor but definitely good as daily use for a bronzer.
  • Sunnies Face Lifebrow Duo in Ash Brown – I love both products, the eye pencil, and brow gel. The shade, Ash Brown is perfect for someone who sports a dark hair color. The eye pencil directly mimics short hair strokes and it is very easy to blend using its brush. On the other hand, I like that the brow gel easily holds my brow in place. I definitely recommend this.
  • Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Powder Foundation in Honey – I have no issues with Maybelline powders especially that it is affordable and it lives to its promise that it easily eliminates oiliness and shines on my face. The shade, Honey is perfect for Filipina morena girls like me too.
  • Careline Contour Stick – This color stick gives you an easy contour application. My only con for this is that it is in a cream formula, so for someone who is a combination skin type, this tends to oil up later on in the day. Nonetheless, I recommend this for every girl on the go but still, contour is life. Β πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈ
  • BLK Liquid Eyeshadow in Jasmine – I think by now you’ll notice that I love the BLK liquid eyeshadow products. This shade, Jasmine is a perfect pink with a hint of sparkle. Applying this product gives you an instant pop and shine of color in the eyes.
  • Colourette x The Kings Facegloss Highlighter in Lightning Speed – I think Colourette created this as a highlighter but I use this as a bronzer because of its medium-deep tone. This is perfect for summer days because it gives you an instant glow.
  • Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base – My staple eyeshadow base. Using this product locks in the color pigment in the eyes and ensures that your eyeshadow makeup will last longer.
  • Cloud Cosmetics Baby Nude Teddy (Lip and Cheek Cream) – This functions as a tint but I prefer this applied on my lips because of its perfect nude brown color. It has a minty feel when applied on the lips too. My only concern is the packaging, the oil or liquid in the product tends to leak on from the cap even when it’s tightly closed. Hopefully, they’ll improve their product packaging soon.
  • Canmake Quick Lash Curler – This was passed on by my sister and tbh I didn’t really see the effect when I used this. So honestly, this product is meh for me.
  • Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara – Heroine Make mascara products are always a holy grail so I definitely give this a thumbs up. The product, when applied, doesn’t clump on the lashes and it gives the right amount of volume. Its also waterproof so you just have to use an oil cleanser or micellar water when you remove it at the end of the day.
  • Ever Bilena Kris Brow Liner and Brow Mascara in Beyond Brown – Also a favorite brow product because it’s 2-in-1. You can use both applicators separately, so what I do is to fill my eyebrows using the pencil and use a spoolie brush after. On the other hand, I use the brow mascara on days that I feel lazy and need a quick fix on my brows. πŸ˜›
  • Savex Lip Balm – Savex is one of my favorite lip balms. I use this at night as part of my skincare routine. It easily helps address days that I have cracked or dry lips. Definitely recommending this.
  • Nivea Strawberry Shine Lip Care – Another lip balm that I recommend. The color pigment is very sheer but it gives the right amount of healthy glow when applied on the lips.

Hair Care


  • Herbal Essences Argan Oil Shampoo – I’m happy that Herbal Essences is back in the market. When I was a kid, I really love the smell of Clairol Herbal Essences especially the rose shampoo variant. This variant that I’ve used has argan oil and it really softens and smoothens my hair after taking a shower.
  • Sunsilk Naturals Coconut Hydration Shampoo – I used this in rotation with the Herbal Essences shampoo. I love this shampoo because its lightweight and yet it doesn’t leave a drying effect on my hair.
  • Cream Silk Stunning Shine Conditioner – I’m not really a fan of this variant because I usually prefer moisturizing formula. Somehow this conditioner gave me a bit of dandruff so I won’t be using this again.
  • Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Total Damage Care – Last December, Pantene had this crazy sale on their 3 Minute Miracle so I managed to hoard a ton of these. 😝 I love their Total Damage Care variant because it really keeps my hair in place and it easily smoothens my hair texture. As you can see in the next photo, I managed to consume another 2 tubes of these! Lol.


Bath / Body Care


  • Skin Genie Deep Clean Facial Scrub Epsom Salt – I used it once or twice on my face as an exfoliant but the only effect it gave me was an intense reddening on my face. Instead of throwing this into waster, I used this as a body scrub instead. I am not recommending this and will never purchase this again.
  • Dove Healthy Glow Antiperspirant Roll-OnΒ – I’ve been using Dove deodorant for a year now and I noticed that it lessened dryness and darkness on my underarms. Also, I love that it doesn’t leave bumps on my pits that’s why I still continue to use this brand.
  • The Body Shop Vanilla Marshmallow Shower Gel – This was gifted to me and I love its smell. I’m always impartial to shower gels because it always gives me good vibes whenever I take a shower. πŸ₯°


    • pH Care Naturals Guava – This is my staple pH Care feminine wash variant because of its anti-bacterial feature. pH Care is my “ride or die” product because it doesn’t irritate or dry my intimate area.
    • Zenutrients Sweet Pea Fragrant Shower Gel – This was another “out of curiosity” purchase and definitely I had no regrets because I super love its smell and its perfect on my skin. I’ll purchase this again the next time Zenutrients will have their sale. πŸ€—


Skin Care


  • Cloud Cosmetics Pore Refresher (Toner Mist)Β – Cloud Cosmetics is a local indie beauty brand here in the Philippines and this toner is a great alternative if you like supporting local beauty brands. It is a perfect day toner or if you need a quick freshen up on your face.
  • Fresh Formula Glass Skin Series – Another local beauty brand that was launched last year. Their concept was very witty because they have skincare series for a certain skin condition– dry, oily, or combination. The Glass Skin series is for combination skin type gals like me and it also promises brightening and clear skin. From this series, my favorite was their Morning and Golden Glow serum slash moisturizer. It definitely brightened my skin and it is moisturizing as well.


  • Watsons Very High Protection Sunscreen Body Lotion SPF 50 PA+++ – I had to dispose of this sunscreen because I purchased this way back in 2017 when we went on a beach trip. This sunscreen from Watsons is cheap and affordable, nothing fancy on its features so I guess I just got my money’s worth using this product.
  • St. Ives Soothing Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Lotion – For a body lotion that has shea butter as one of the main ingredients, this product feels very lightweight when applied on the skin. I purchased this when I had an awful episode of hives back in December 2018. I love using this because it is definitely nourishing and smoothing on the skin.
  • Cloud Cosmetics Gugo Aloe Revitalizing Shampoo – I’ll be straightforward to say that I will never purchase this product again. It doesn’t bubble up easily when applied with water and it leaves an itchy feeling in my hair after using.

Health and Supplements


  • Piping Rock Apple Cider Dietary Supplement – I don’t like Apple Cider Vinegar so I opted to take the dietary supplement instead. Taking in ACV has a lot of health benefits and it helps detox especially on days that I eat too much. LOL. πŸ˜›
  • Puritan’s Pride Turmeric Curcumin – Along with ACV, I take in turmeric as an antioxidant. I’ve been taking this since the start of the year and I also noticed how it mitigates inflammation from my joints. (Signs of aging, I know. Ha!)


  • DHC Multivitamins – I always ask my sister to buy this for me because it is affordable compared to other multivitamins in local drug stores. All essential vitamins and minerals are included here which is perfect these days to combat the pandemic or flu season.
  • Philippine Pure Turmeric Capsules – This is the cheapest turmeric capsules that I’ve seen online and I bought this in BeautyMNL.




And there you have it! Until next product empties review! xoxo 😘😘😘

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