We’re engaged

Milestones are every rare, so I thought of sharing the wonderful news here in my blog. The post below was shared in my Facebook profile last November 6th. πŸ’“ 

I hope all is well with everyone. πŸ™πŸΌ

Not everyone knows how Kerker and I met. It was in mid-2014, and I’ve just completed a life coaching program at that time. Some of my friends used Tinder to meet new people, and I decided to dip my toes in the dating world. As I was swiping left or right on various profiles, I’ve mistakenly swiped right on a profile named Stephen. What kind of guy would wear a purple shirt and gray shorts as a profile photo on Tinder? The only saving grace was he cited How I Met Your Mother as his favorite TV show.

Shortly after that, this guy Stephen sent me a message. We exchanged Q&As over chat. He asked me many mundane things, such as what song best describes my music preference, who I root for the iron throne in GoT, and my favorite episode in HIMYM. It was the continuous exchange of Q&As that kept my interest in him. Not long after, we started adding each other on Facebook until we agreed to meet in person.

Our first date was nothing special. We went out to see an indie film during Cinemalaya and had lunch at BonChon. My first impression of him– he’s an intensely shy guy but intuitive and knows how to listen. I wasn’t attracted to him at first, but I enjoyed spending time with him.

As Kerker would claim now, it was a slow burn to fall in love with him. In our early days of dating, I remember declining his invites on a Sunday because I prefer sleeping in at home. He would insist on meeting up after my work shift at 11 pm to have a late dinner or drinks. The ridiculous thing that he did back then was to meet me up at the MRT North Station on my way to work during rush hour. I was commuting from Boni to QC to be in another office. He met up with me at the station platform just so that he can hand over the takeout food Pancake House with a stem of red paper rose. I know it was cheesy, but those were the small things that made me fall in love with him.

Months after dating, I took the risk of saying yes and made our relationship official on November 5, 2014. I would always tell a joke to my friends that I regret making our relationship anniversary on the same day as my birthday because I only receive a single gift instead of two (lol!). But I guess unconsciously; there is a particular reason why I said yes six years ago on that day.

I would never imagine being with someone at a sixth-year mark. And yet, here I am writing a long post to sum up how the journey has been with this guy. Kerker wrote in his early love letters to me, quoting that song from Maroon 5, “it’s not gonna be rainbows and butterflies.” And definitely, it was right on the spot. When my mom got sick in 2016, we needed to live in the same house to make it work. It wasn’t easy at first, but I’ve never seen anyone else giving all the love for my family more than I do. Whenever I had slumps and stress at work, he would be the first to be ever so patient with me.

I keep asking myself, what good have I ever done in this life to deserve someone like him? One thing’s for sure is this: I know by now why it never worked out on anyone else but him. So when he asked six years after, it was a clear answer with no hesitation. Now I know why my birthday will always be extra special.

I love you, hunhun. You’re my best friend, and I can’t wait to spend our lives together and grow old together. Now let’s beat this pandemic and get married. πŸ’“

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