Face Mask Review: Korean Beauty Brands – SNP, Yadah, Jayjun Cosmetic, and Innisfree!

My first (and last) post of Face Mask Reviews was in 2017! 😲 If you’ve been following this blog, you should know by now that I’m a sucker for face masks. 😜 So, for this post I’ll be sharing the face masks that I’ve used last month during our vacation trip to Puerto Galera. 😍

Face Mask Review: Deoproce

I’m a huge fan of face masks so I’ve decided to start a beauty post series on reviewing them. So, welcome to Face Mask Reviews! 😍 I’ll try to post every month *crosses fingers* on face masks that I put on my vain face. Ha! 😜 For my first post on Face Mask Reviews, I’ll be talking about Deoproce. Here … Continue reading Face Mask Review: Deoproce

January to April 2020 Product Empties

Time for product empties again and hopefully, at this point you already know the drill. 😛🤗 I noticed for this period I was able to consume some health and supplement products so I’ve decided to include it here as well. Enjoy! 😄

October 2018 to June 2019 Product Empties

Are you ready for a massive product empties post? 🤣😱