Kerker & Vanya Answer Relationship Questions


Someone requested for me to post more Life Hacks (hello there, Je! 😛) and I’ve been meaning to do this post with my boyfriend, Kerker. So in the true spirit of love month we’ve decided to answer tough relationship questions! 🥰

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5 Wise Tips for Young and Starting Professionals


Happy Monday! Since its start of the week, I thought I’ll come up with a post that’s relevant to what I do. I’m a human resources professional for 8 years now and I’ve worked with 3 companies: advertising, BPO, and shared services. If there’s a common theme when it comes to the industries I’ve been with, is that I’ve worked with people from different backgrounds and various walks of life. And I realized, the key to stay in my profession is to master how to work with people in general. This don’t just apply to being my profession alone. Whether you work as an analyst, engineer, or even as an individual contributor, being a people-person is the key to success.

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