July to December 2019 Product Empties


It’s time for another inventory of beauty product empties! Hopefully this year I’ll be able to do this every quarter. 😝 Here we go!

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2blogversary Giveaway!


It’s never too late for another #hellovanyaXgiveaway! YAAAAAS! 😍😍😍

My blog, hellovanya.com turned 2 years old last June and since the holidays are just around the corner (hello, -BER months! 💖), I’m feeling gracious to give away these lovely beauty items! 💕

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October 2018 to June 2019 Product Empties


Are you ready for a massive product empties post? 🤣😱

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#FOTD: Get Ready With Me – My go-to Summer Look!


I know rainy days are officially in the Philippines but it still feels like summer. 😎🌞 And because I miss writing beauty-related posts, I’d like to share with you my current and go-to summer make up look! 🥰

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Snooping Beauty: Meet Calacatia


I love snooping into other folk’s makeup bag or makeup kit. Whenever I’m in a powder room and fixing my makeup, I’d discreetly look into other person’s makeup bag to see what products they use or how do they apply their makeup, etc. Not because I’m a stalker or anything (lol!) but I am generally interested with beauty stuff and I also like to engage with other people on anything related to beauty. 🤗

That being said, a few months ago a brilliant idea popped into my head to come up with a blog post series on asking people what’s in their makeup bag, and also ask them some beauty questions. For my first post on Snooping Beauty, let me introduce to you my online friend, Calacatia!

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